thoughts w/ josiahhallett: on cynics

On Cynics

If you are bent toward the cynical you are not alone. Constantly having the thought: “I’m not too sure about that….” Constantly seeing the flaws. Constantly questioning motive and merit. Constantly finding reasons that make it hard to believe in what you’re doing.

The problem with we cynics: if we lack the wherewithal and ambition to make the things we see as imperfect better, we are simply contrarian wet blankets soaked in self-righteousness. And as soon as we consider the mere making of loud noise and trumpeting our point to be “positive action,” we are at once deluding ourselves into progress, cementing ourselves in our self-righteous ways, and distracting from collaborative forward movement. You cannot go on and on about how right you are and expect things to change. No one cares how right you are. They care about what’s best. And they consider “best” to be whatever they believe “best” is. Get in there and redefine “best”, if that’s what’s important to you. But do it in such a way that you avoid being a judgmental fool with a Messiah complex.

Harness your cynicism. Not for trumpeting, but for bettering.

Be a positive cynic. Not a stodgy and loud one.

– Josiah Hallett


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