I want to be with you. Just to be.

I get so heady when I’m in one of those moods that appears as a beautiful child of tired and alert. It’s the mood where I simply do not care what people think of me (and I mean in the wholesome, honest way, not the belligerent, contrarian way). I get heady because I am honestly delighted to be free of the defensiveness, the covering of my bases, the explanation. I can say a thing and do a thing with honesty, and I am free of even the slightest torment of concern as to what others may or may not perceive. I am free to allow my yes to be yes and my no to be no.

It’s like carrying the silence of companions who sit together unaffected and content into everything of life. Those lovers who spend all their time unconstrained by any vestige of pretence. Who spend all their time together, being. Being.

It’s the punctuation of joy. It’s the vanguard of secure identity. It’s the freedom of self-forgetfulness. Being. Honestly, being.

I want to be with you. Just to be.

–   Josiah Hallett


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