Vagrant in the King’s Court

"Vagrant in the King's Court" written and performed by Josiah Hallett. I've got this all backward This cannot be right Holding back nothing You gave up Your life I'm the fumbling recipient I'm the undeserving friend I'm the vagrant in the king's court Trapped in awe and wonderment How could I stay silent? Why would... Continue Reading →


I want to be with you. Just to be. I get so heady when I'm in one of those moods that appears as a beautiful child of tired and alert. It's the mood where I simply do not care what people think of me (and I mean in the wholesome, honest way, not the belligerent,... Continue Reading →


There in the mud he fell, his grey three piece suit, his shoes of black leather. The man from the city had rushed too greedily through the muck, seeking to escape the sleet characteristic of the slave village. The sleet: apparently the staple climate of those mountains into which we slaves delved to mine the mineral.... Continue Reading →

A Grandfather’s Legacy

As you grow older you learn that no one has it all together. Those who were once giants in a league of their own - far above yours - turn out to be humans in the same beleaguered state as you. Merely human. But mere decay and mere confusion, this mere humanity of ours -... Continue Reading →


Everything is pure and everything is sacred. Oh, but how I corrupt so quickly. Paired in innocence my passion (now named vice) and I were a reflection of Glory on a path, being gloried. It was the trickery inherent in me that (pathetically, pitiably) made that passion my object. And so it was renamed.  - Josiah... Continue Reading →

the More

The man driving the bus with a toilet behind it was not like them. With those drivers that make it a gradual acceleration to the speed limit he shared no commonality. The way they never even quite make it to the limit, opting rather to coast two or three kilometres an hour shy - that irked... Continue Reading →

Knock, knock, knock

The cord was steeply taut, strung so tight. "So tight in my mind," she said. When the foreman came back from his morning sojourn into the recess that he never quite could muster the bother to tell anyone about, she knew where he'd been. Sometimes he merely smoked his cigarette and spat on the pavement,... Continue Reading →

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